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Great Survival Equipment

Survival Equipment: The Basics of Every Survival Kit


Nobody ever hopes to be in a state where they are forced to survive on their own. However, every outdoor person including hikers, fishermen, and experienced hunters understand that accidents and unexpected occurrences can happen anytime, and they need the right survival equipment for the situation. There is a variety of things you can pack in a survival equipment kit because there are numerous things you will need for different occasions. But if you are going to survive and be uberprepared, there are basic equipment of all survival gear that are universal inclusions.


The mental state of all those involved in any survival situation is often overlooked. Whether the victims is trapped in an avalanche or lost in the woods, panic in a real factor in every survival situation. Extreme temperature, hunger, and thirst are scientifically proven to reduce various aspects of the cognitive process significantly. For anyone who has not received intense training, a cheat sheet outlining basic survival tips can be a useful reference.


A survival knife at is another vital survival equipment. A larger fixed Bowie style knife can be useful in most survival situations. It can be used for chopping, trimming, filleting or even skinning. You can use a heavy-duty survival knife as a variety of tools from a hammer to a hatchet.


Another essential thing you will need is an UberPrepared medical first aid kit. In this kit, you can put together pressure bandages, gauze, different sizes of tensor bandages, sharp scissors, matches, different lengths of durable bands, without forgetting some first aid spray for minor cuts, soothing skin lotion, antiseptic cream, and rubbing alcohol. The complexity of your medical first aid kit should entirely rely on your comfort level and individual medical awareness.


You will also need a flashlight and a wind-up or battery operated radio. If your flashlight and radio operate on batteries, you will need a few extra batteries. A compressed air horn or a whistle is also important. It will help you get the attention of people on foot searching for you.


The key consideration for including any equipment in a survival kit is the overall weight and functionality. A stainless steel kit is multi-functional and light in weight. Besides its common uses as a cooking and water storage device, it can be polished and used as a signaling device. Its ability to signal passing planes is an important part of many rescues. Also, it can be combined with water purification straw to assist in the production of clean water. If you want to learn more, you should also visit


Despite what we have seen in movies or read on the internet, surviving in an expected and hostile situation is not easy. The basics of every survival kit should be intended to reduce risks and maximize short-term survival as you wait to be rescued.